The Effects of Diabetes -


Saturday, June 1, 2019

The Effects of Diabetes

Diabetes is being a huge health problem. Many people suffer from diabetes and the other medical side effects it cause. An early diagnosis of diabetes can help a person to avoid serious related diseases. The earlier diabetes is treated the easy it is for doctors to monitor the patients overall health, thus preventing any further medical problems.

Diabetes is when the pancreas does not function properly and glucose levels fall outside the normal range. A normal glucose reading is lower than 110 mg / dL upon waking in the morning and lower than 140 mg / dL two hours after eating. There are simple blood tests that are used to diagnose diabetes. Once diagnosed a person will work with their doctor to determine a treatment. Treatments can include diet changes, pills, or injections. Any history, family history and people in certain ethnic groups may be at elevated risk for developing diabetes. There are different types of diabetes. Some start in childhood, some start in adulthood and another form occurs during pregnancy. All can cause harmful effects on the body if not taken care of.

Long term effects of diabetes are usually due to a patient letting their glucose levels remain elevated for long periods of time. That is why early detection is important. Excess blood sugar levels have a horrible effect on the body. Some common effects from diabetes include vision problems, kidney damage, nerve damage, heart and circulation problems. A person with diabetes is at a higher risk for these types of conditions, but a person who does not control their diabetes is even more likely to develop one of these conditions.

Diabetes is a disease that does not have a cure. Diagnosing and treating diabetes have evolved into easier processes. A person with diabetes can normally live life as they did before their diagnosis. Living with diabetes is a matter of taking control over the disease and preventing complications.

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