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Saturday, June 1, 2019

Diabetes Symptoms in Women

There is no reason to get scared if you have been diagnosed with diabetes. Especially, women are termed as 'weak and scary' by the society. Whereas, I believe women are much stronger and sensible mentally. Even though, a diabetic life is bit difficult to maintain, it is overall a good life. We just need to have patience and get our treatment started as soon as possible. And all this is not possible unless we do not get proper diagnoses of our problem.

If diabetes is diagnosed at early stage, we can definitely avoid the severity intensity of diabetes. Due to the hectic lifestyle, diabetes has become a common illness in the modern world. The ratio of women suffering from diabetes has increased in recent years. The diabetes symptoms differ from one another. Diabetic women tend to have hormonal and sexual disorders. They mostly suffer from women ailment like yeast infection in vagina, frequent secretion of white cells, and complication during menstruation cycle. Diseases related to sexual organs are often found in diabetic women.

Diabetes Symptoms in Women:

Women can suffer from all three different types of diabetes; diabetes type 1, type 2 and gestational diabetes. The women who are suffering from diabetes type 1 and type 2 should be highly cautious about their diet. The quantity and time are the prime factors enclosed in diabetic diet. Certain food items that can be harmful should be strictly avoided from their diet. A diet should combine healthy and nutritious food items. The diet should be consumed at recommended time with prescribed quantity. Obesity and poor eating habits are two main causes of diabetes. Lack of nutritional food, inadequate sleep, no exercise, stress, and poor lifestyle also lead to diabetes.

Gestational diabetes usually occurs during pregnancy. This type of diabetes is cured naturally after the birth of child. Typically, diabetes symptoms for type 1 are developed after short period while, the symptoms for type 2 occur at slower speed. The people suffering from mild diabetes are unable to discover the symptoms for longer time. They do not experience any kind of symptoms for many years, which usually are noticed after many years. Thus, it is essential to for women to be aware of all symptoms which may indicate the arrival of diabetes. Diabetes symptoms in women are as follows:

    Excessive thirst
    Sudden loss of weight
    Frequent urination
    Blurred vision
    Slow healing process
    Itchy and dry skin
    Infections affecting women sexual organs
    Recurrent hunger
    Swelling of dogs, gum, and feet

As I said earlier, the symptoms differ from one another person. Women should be aware of all symptoms as, neglect action towards them may lead to severe complications. As soon as you even find any of the above mentioned warning, consult your physician.

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