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Friday, May 31, 2019

Diabetes If You Are Diabetic Do not Eat These Foods

Diabetes is when the body does not produce any or enough insulin, which is responsible for converting sugars and starches into energy. Unfortunately, those with diabetes are often stubbornly avoided to avoid a number of foods with high levels of starch and sugars because of dangerous reactions their body may have. Here's an overview of some common foods that diabetics should avoid eating.

High glycemic index foods :

High glycemic index foods are one of the most important things for diabetics to avoid. White pasta in particular poses a risk to diabetics. Anything made with white flour or white rice should instead be replaced with whole wheat and brown rice and pastas or low-carb pastas, if possible. White rice is one of the worst foods for people with diabetes; wild rice is the most preferable alternative because it is not actually a rice, it's a grass.

Sweets and desserts:

Sweets and desserts are another major problem area for diabetics, mostly because they're made with sugar and white flour. Cookies, cake and candy are dangerous areas for diabetics because not only are they packed with carbs and sugar, they're also very filling and make the person less likely to eat healthy foods.


Potatoes are yet another food to avoid because they contain a large amount of starch. White bread should also be avoided as much as possible because of the intense amount of white flour. If you want to eat bread, stick with whole wheat.

Sodas, juices and sports drinks:

Here's something you may not think of: sodas, juices and sports drinks can be very harmful to a diabetic because they contain vast amounts of sugar and have almost no nutritional content.

In addition to these items, diabetics should also avoid fats because they're at a great risk of heart attack and stroke. Artificial sweeteners are very common for diabetics to use, although they do still raise blood sugar levels. Alcohol is, lastly, one of the most important thing for diabetics to avoid because it causes high blood pressure, high blood sugar and can increase the risk of diabetic nerve damage and obesity.

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