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Thursday, April 11, 2019

Missing Money Finder Guide

Missing Funds You May Not Know You Still Can Access

There are various reserves of money that people are entitled to but many of them are not aware of this which makes them not to add such money to their funds that they actively draw from every day. The major reason people have missing money is because they never realize they had yet to formally claim money that was awarded to them in the past and is still waiting for them now.
There are billions of measures of missing funds and assets that can still be taken by their rightful owners in the US. Despite this fact, the government does not take it upon themselves to contact people to come and claim their missing funds. This is one of the reasons it is wrong to trust phone calls or emails from parties claiming to be the US government and claiming that they can freely send the person some money that was supposedly overlooked in the past.

To start with, you should first put in your own effort to look into the missing funds matter without having to pay someone else to do it on your behalf. You should start by looking over every place you have either lived or worked at within your current state of residence. Then, you should broaden your search to other states that you had previously lived in. If you find that you had left behind a safe deposit box, a deposit you may have given to a prior landlord, or a check you had received from a prior employer you once worked overtime at, you will have to determine whether that will be turned over to you by either the local district in question or the state's government.

The subject of unclaimed retirement money is inclusive in missing funds; it is common for someone switching employers to fail to realize that the 401(k) plan maintained at their last place of work is not active at their new place of work. Missing funds can be searched for on the websites of companies that provide 401(k) plans. You can search for pensions that have been sent to you at the company which you were employed at the time; if that company has closed, the Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation is the best website you can visit to search for missing pension funds which protects non-state pensions.

Tax refunds are part of the missing funds people claim. IRS retains possession of these refunds and can award them to people who visit its website and follow its instructions on how to claim them. If you have handled home mortgaging matters through it in the past, there may also be a refund waiting for you at the Federal Housing Administration. Refunds from the FHA can be awarded for various reasons such as refinancing a loan you originally received from it and mistakenly paying more for your home's mortgage insurance than necessary because of some overlap between different kinds of insurance payments. Note, however, that there is only a six-year window within which this money can be claimed before it will fall under the ownership of the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development.

Other sources of missing funds can come from mature savings bonds that you had never redeemed and insurance coverage for accounts you maintained at financial institutions that have since gone under. You find missing funds in savings bonds by searching on the website of the US Treasury Department. If you had an account at a bank that has since closed down, you can look into the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation to see if it will pay you insurance for that account; it provides up to $250,000 in insurance coverage. Likewise, if you had an account at a credit union that has since shut down, you can look at the National Credit Union Administration's online resources to see if it can pay out insurance coverage for your losses.

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