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Tuesday, February 5, 2019

How to Lose Weight Fast Without the Gym

In this article I will introduce you to the best fat burning exercises you can do right at home and tell you why they are the best if you want to lose weight the fastest. Then I will describe how to do one of those in detail and how to increase the resistance without any weights. Just remember, you do not need to join a gym to lose weight and reshape your body no matter what the Membership Counselor tells you at the gym. 

How to Lose Weight Fast Without the Gym:

If you want to lose weight fast and change the shape of your body, your program must contain basically three parts:
1. A nutrition portion
2. A cardio portion and
3. A resistance training portion.
This article will focus on number 3 since that is where people think you need a gym.

Why Resistance Training Rules when It Comes To Losing Body Fat

Losing weight for the long haul is more than just cardio. Let's say you spend 1 hour of your day jogging. You will burn roughly 500 calories. Now it's time to relax and treat yourself to a 6 oz. ice cream sundae. Well, you can just kiss that cardio work good bye!
When you perform resistance training, you are attacking fat in more ways than one. For one, there is the hormonal level that rids fat. And since this type of exercise is intense (if done correctly), there is the "after burn" level. This means you keep burning calories even after you're done training. In addition, the muscles you gain help you burn more calories when you are at rest (just relaxing). You are basically creating a fat burning machine.
And you know what happens when you burn more calories than what you take in, right? You got it. You lose weight.
In fact, muscles burn more than 3 times the amount of calories than fat. Needless to say, muscles will play a huge part in your success of losing (fat) weight and keeping it off. Your body shape and your confidence will also improve dramatically when you build muscle.
So, the question is "What kind of resistance exercises are the best and can easily be performed at home?"

The Best Exercises To Burn Fat (And You Do not Need A Gym)

The best exercises to lose fat are bodyweight exercises!
Here are some of the common ones: push-ups, pull-ups, chin-ups, dips, reverse push-ups, and squats. Why are they so good? In all of these exercises, your torso is moving through space and that brings in stabilizer muscles (the more muscle fibers recorded the better the exercise). In addition, the body senses "danger" in these types of exercises and that engages the central nervous system. These factors add up to inflating maximum damage to your body fat (damage is good in this case). You can liken this to dropping a bomb on your enemy (fat) so that the follow up attack, ie cardio, will have an easier time finishing off the job.

Train This Powerful Muscle Group For Excellent Fat Loss Results

I will describe one of the better body parts to train if you want to lose fat fast … your legs. (although this is an excellent muscle to work, you want to train your whole body for great results).
The legs are a very strong body part and can push a lot of weight. Thus, this muscle group requires a lot of focus when trained, and the intensity can be incredible. And like I mentioned earlier, when you increase the intensity, you not only burn more calories during the workout, but after as well (the after-burn).
Because of the power in your legs, most people would need to add more resistance such as weights to increase the intensity of the squat. But what if you do not have a barbell (with squat racks) or heavy dumbbells at home? Is there another way to increase the intensity? Yes! And I'll show you how right now.
NOTE: Although the following is not a complete workout, you should always get clearance from your doctor before starting any exercise program. 
1 Leg Squat:
Step 1 : Get a chair because you are going to ever sit on it. If you're not very strong, you'll want a higher chair. Conversely, if you're very strong you will not need a chair because you will sit on the floor (but I doubt many of you are this strong). Toilet seats are a pretty difficult level for most people. Now, stand erect in front of your seat of choice with chest out, two hands straight out in front of you, and one leg out in front of you (at about a 30 degree angle or so).
Step 2 : Keep your planted leg shin as vertical as possible through the whole range of motion. This avoids stressing the knee (the patella tendon).
Step 3 : With your arms and one leg in front of you, slowly lower yourself down on to the chair. Remain in control and focus on not just dropping yourself into the seat. We want to work the muscle as much as possible.
Step 4 : Once you've reached the sitting position, lean back just a little past vertical before you rock yourself forward. Keep your torso as erect as possible, and push yourself back up. You'll have to lean forward a bit to get up but avoid hunching your back so you're over your knees as you push up. This will get the butt (gluteus maximus) and hamstring muscles involved for a great overall leg workout. Keep the rock forward nice and gentle to avoid having too much momentum help you up (again, you want your muscle to work as much as possible). Remember, your arms and other leg should be kept in front of you through the movement and your planed shin should be as vertical as possible.
If you can do more than 8 reps in good solid form, congratulations. Now all you have to do to increase the intensity is find a lower stool.
Try this to add variety to your leg workout.
1. Losing fat and reshaping your body requires sensible nutrition, some cardio, and resistance training.
2. Incorporate bodyweight exercises in your fat burning program (even if you workout at the gym)
3. If you do the 1 leg squat, remember to keep your planed foot's shin as vertical as possible to avoid stressing your knee tendon.
4. Control the decent and minimize momentum as much as possible so the muscles work hard.
5. If you can do more than 8 reps in good form, find a lower seat to increase the intensity. If you have superb strength, you just need the floor.
6. Working your legs is a great way to burn fat but you must incorporate a total body workout for great results.
With programs written specifically for the home user, losing fat at home can be a reality.

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